Multi-Family projects can be complex and cumbersome. At Majestic, part of our planning phase includes compiling the most efficient take-offs which in turn, give contractors the most accurate counts of flooring and hardware needs along with the best pricing available. Our turn-key solutions eliminate many of the daily worries and concerns of the general contractor. We also go the extra mile by providing installation and working with your personnel to complete any project no matter how large or small.


With our turn-key solutions, our mission is to meet your deadlines, keep you within your budget, and make sure you and your customers are happy by eliminating many of the daily worries and concerns of the project so that you can concentrate on maximizing your customers satisfaction. Our commercial customers are very diverse and range over many types of sizes and styles. Just to drop a few names, we have proudly added Walmart, Food-Lion, Krispy Kreme, Subway, Chipolata Restaurant and Extreme Makeover - Home Edition to our list of satisfied customers.


It is our goal to provide our customers with the best possible service and prices. We are most willing to come to your home and show you the possibilities of letting us transform your home flooring and hardware needs to meet with your satisfaction and leave you with a home to cherish for years to come.

Management Turns

Property Management firms can have difficulties securing support in maintaining their properties. Here at Majestic we know how important deadlines are to you and we make it a priority to schedule your projects and give you the best available pricing which then maximizes your owners return on investment.