Choose from a beveled edge on a small scale or large scale with mirror strip finish for a clean and modern look. Whether you are starting from initial installation or require a simple repair or replacement, Majestic Floor Covering will handle the job with utmost precision and professionalism. Mirrored walls will provide such benefits as:
1. Create the Illusion of Space – Well-placed mirrors will give the appearance of more space
2. Increase Lighting – Mirrors reflect light from natural and artificial sources to brighten any room and save on energy costs
3. Hide Imperfections – Easily hide unsightly wall surface blemishes, discolored paint, and minor cracks
4. Make a Statement – A mirrored wall is a modern accent piece in any room
5. Low Maintenance – Mirrors require almost no upkeep besides a spray of glass cleaner and a quick wipe, unlike painted surfaces that need re-application every few years
6. If you are looking for a reflective room transformation, give Majestic Floor Covering a call today.