Profile Questions

Marketing Director
Majestic Floor Covering has been a client of mine for many years so although I am a new employee, I feel like I have been a member of the Majestic team for a very long time.
Air. Just kidding, my wife, Sherry. I could live without just about anything else, but Sherry is my anchor, best friend and soulmate. She is the only person on the planet that understand me completely.
I love to go to the movies. Nothing like seeing a movie on the big screen and munching on popcorn during the show. I also love marketing and finding unique and creative ways to help my clients, and now my employer, get their message in front of potential clients.
My adventure with Majestic has just begun, but landing the job with them is very exciting for me. I love what the team at Majestic has done so far and I am hoping I can use my passion and skill set to help take the business to the next level.
I have worked with 1000s of companies in my 30+ year career in marketing, advertising and publicity. None of them have been as committed to their customers and clients as Majestic. Their philosophy is one that should be shared by all businesses and that is making sure each project is completed to the customers total satisfaction and their feedback and testimonials online reflect that.
In my youth, I was an international-level cyclist (the non-drug taking sort). I spent time at the Olympic training center in Colorado Springs and have raced my bike all over the world including England, Spain, Turkey, Belgium and South America.
Sherry and I have been together for 28 years and married 25 of them. I have a daughter from a previous marriage who is 29, married and has a daughter, Zanib, who is my first grandchild. I have two kids with Sherry, Lauren who is 23 and lives in Portland, Oregon and Andrew who is 19 and lives in Cuenca, Ecuador. We also have 2 dogs here in the US, Monday and Dodger and 2 dogs in Ecuador, Gizmo and Bandito.
This may seem geeky, but I love learning all I can about marketing in the electronic age. Things are changing so fast, you really need to be totally immersed to keep up and even then, it is difficult. I also like to travel and explore small towns in NC and the surrounding states.